Friendly Cove Day Cruises 

During the summer months the MV Uchuck III provides Day Cruises to Friendly Cove also known as Yuquot - ancestral home of the Mowachaht / Muchalaht people. Yuquot translates to “Where the Winds Blow from Many Directions” and is reputed as being the ‘Birthplace of British Columbia’.

WEDNESDAY (Seasonal) • June 26 - September 11
Leave Gold River: 10:00 am Adult Fare: $127 (inc. GST)
Arrive Friendly Cove: 12:30 pm Senior Fare (60+): $117 (inc. GST)
Leave Friendly Cove: 2:00 pm Child (6-12 years w/adult): $74 (inc. GST)
Arrive Gold River: 4:00 pm Child (under 6 years): Free
NOTE: Fares include 5% GST Groups (10 adults +): Senior Rates apply

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SATURDAY (Seasonal) • June 22 -  September 14
Leave Gold River: 10:00 am Adult Fare: $127 (inc. GST)
Arrive Friendly Cove: 12:30 pm Senior Fare (60+): $117 (inc. GST)
Leave Friendly Cove: 3:30 pm Child (6-12 years w/adult): $74 (inc. GST)
Arrive Gold River: 5:30 pm Child (under 6 years): Free
NOTE: Fares include 5% GST Groups (10 adults +): Senior Rates apply

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*Must be fully paid at time of booking.
Arrival time subject to change. Fares also include the Landing Fee at Friendly Cove, proceeds of which go to the Mowachaht Band for redevelopment of this historic site.

This video is a 2 minute overview of the Friendly Cove Day Cruise.

Drawn by the rich sea life, mild climate and the beautiful surroundings of Vancouver Island’s West Coast, the First Nations people came to the Yuquot area over 4000 years ago. The abundance and diversity of the area also attracted the first European explorers. Yuquot was declared a National Historic Site in 1923 and marks the first contact between Europeans and the indigenous people of the West Coast.

Bring your binoculars and camera! Passengers can expect to see a variety of marine life from bald eagles to sea lions, sea otters and on occasion, even whales. You might have the opportunity to see a kayak ‘wet launch’ when they are lowered on a raft from the ship’s deck at a remote location along the route. Make sure to bring your camera, tablet or cellphone, whatever is your preferred way to take photos or videos of your trip aboard the MV Uchuck III. Stops are made if the vessel comes across a raft of sea otters or whales.

For a unique and tranquil experience, stay a few nights in one of the six rustic cabins or camp at one of the wilderness sites available for rent. Contact the Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nations before hand at 250-283-2015 to ensure availability.

The MV Uchuck III’s friendly and knowledgeable crew, comfortable wood finished lounge, galley and upper deck seating make this marine cruise a perfect way to spend a relaxing day on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. Informative announcements are made along the route at locations of interest.

Follow your nose to the Galley! Our cook prepares hardy West Coast fare daily, including homemade soups, sandwiches or chili. Enjoy muffins hot from the oven and an assortment of other baked goodies along with freshly brewed coffee, all at reasonable prices. You are more than welcome to pack your own snacks and/or meals, especially if you have dietary needs. Our kitchen is small and the cook does her best but space is limited. 

Do you have a LIFE-THREATENING Food Allergy?

Let us know and please bring your EpiPen. Please understand that our trip is remote in nature and we are limited in our menu selection.  


If you have serious health issues, please do not hesitate to bring your own goodies and snacks. 

Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: Milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish

Guest Speakers aboard the MV Uchuck III

Throughout the summer season of Day Cruises to Friendly Cove we sometimes have educational speakers on board who share their knowledge while we cruise through historic Nootka Sound on our way to Friendly Cove. Artisan, First Nations History and Forest Industry speakers share their knowledge and enhance your cruise experience.

As a destination this magical place, now referred to as Friendly Cove, continues to draw visitors from around the world. When it comes to the rugged beauty of the west coast wilderness, few areas compare. Once ashore, you can relax on the beach, visit Nootka Lighthouse, the converted Catholic Church Cultural Centre, walk the trails, or explore the tidal pools that are teaming with aquatic life. Ask around, you might find the remains of a fallen totem pole hiding in salal, blackberries and ferns.

Renowned Master Carver Sanford Williams returns to Friendly Cove at times in the summer months (Mid-July to mid-August). Visitors enjoy meeting Sanford and watching him working on his creations. Original masks carved by Sanford will available for purchase at Friendly Cove while he is in residence. To learn more about Sanford go to

Learn more about Friendly Cove

As the dock can be very busy save yourself time before coming aboard the MV Uchuck III. DOWNLOAD our waiver for quicker check-in. NOTE: Each passenger must sign and drop off this waiver at our Dock Office before boarding.