2018 Photo Contest Winners

To submit photos for the 2019 Photo Contest please email them to reservations@getwest.ca

We would like to thank everyone who entered our photo contest! The 2018 Photo Contest Winners were selected from four categories as shown below. We thank everyone for their photo and story submissions in 2018 and encourage all passengers to submit their cruise photos and experiences in 2019. The majority of the photos shown on our website and in the Nootka Sounder are selected annually from the Photo Contest submissions, adding to the authenticity of the cruise experiences aboard the MV Uchuck III.

Scenic Category
James Wood (Best Photo Award) - Panorama shot along the Nootka Island Trail.
Honourable Mention - Bronwyn Preece - Nootka Island Trail photo

MV Uchuck III Category
Evan Cervelli - Heading to the Uchuck for breakfast in Kyuquot 
Honourable Mention - Dorinda Balchin - MV Uchuck III in Kyuquot

Wildlife Category
Tamison Moore - Smiling Sea Otter
Honourable Mention - Shawn Cahill - Nootka Island Wolf

Passenger Category
Carol Michayluk - Enjoying a west coast sunset
Honourable Mention - Al Westnedge - MV Uchuck III Wavers

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