MV Uchuck III Kayak Transportation

Remote Wet Launch Services on Vancouver Island's Northwest Coast

The West Coast of Vancouver Island’s Nootka Sound, Esperanza Inlet and Kyuquot Sound are a sea kayaker’s paradise. The region features miles of remote rugged coastline to explore, abundant wildlife to see, pristine wilderness and secluded marine parks for overnight camping or a longer stay. Paddlers can explore sheltered inlets and stretches of open ocean, hear the roar of the surf breaking on the rocky shoreline, explore sea caves and paddle around sea stacks.

What makes these destinations so special is their remoteness. With minimal or no road access, getting there can be a challenge. Get West Adventure Cruises offers wet launching from the 136’ MV Uchuck III. Arrangements can also be made to be picked up for return transportation to Gold River from designated locations along the MV Uchuck III’s scheduled routes.

Departing from Gold River, BC on regularly scheduled runs, kayakers can securely load their kayaks and provisions and enjoy a marine cruise aboard this working cargo and passenger vessel. Along the route the MV Uchuck III drops supplies off to remote resorts, fish farms and logging camps using a cargo winch system and a lifting platform to retrieve supplies from the hold and drop them off on wharves.

This system of off-loading supplies is the same system used to wet launch kayakers along the route. Kayaks are positioned onto the lifting platform on the ship’s deck with the kayaker in position, ready to paddle. As the paddler hangs on to the cables the lift platform is lowered overboard to just below the ocean’s surface, allowing the paddler to simply paddle off on his or her adventure. These wet launches take place at select locations along the route within proximity of choice paddling destinations.

From our homeport in Gold River, BC we offer access to three locations, including two provincial marine parks:


Bligh Island Marine Provincial Park

Nuchatlitz Provincial Park

Kayak Transportation

These fares are for kayak transportation only, please visit our One Way Passenger Fares page for costs to get to kayak drop-off destinations.

Kayak Transportation Fares
Single Kayaks $30.00 (one-way) / $60.00 (two-way)
Double Kayaks $40.00 (one-way) / $80.00 (two-way)
Triple Kayaks $45.00 (one-way) / $90.00 (two-way)
Canoe $45.00(one-way) / $90.00 (two-way)
Dinghy $50.00 (one-way) / $100.00 (two-way)
Jet Ski $75.00 (one-way) / $150.00 (two-way)

NOTE: While we don't rent kayaks here at the dock, Comox Valley Kayaks and Canoes will deliver them to our dock for you.

*In the event of poor weather, kayakers booked for Rosa Harbour will be wet-launched at Flynn’s Cove.All prices are in Canadian currency. In order to make a booking, full payment is required in advance by Visa or MasterCard.

As the dock can be very busy save yourself time before coming aboard the MV Uchuck III. DOWNLOAD our waiver for quicker check-in. NOTE: Each passenger must sign and drop off this waiver at our Dock Office before boarding.

Paddle Canada Members Discount

Paddle Canada members can receive a 10% discount on all regularly scheduled trips to Nootka Sound, Esperanza Inlet and Kyuquot Sound. 

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